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Sunflower sowing

If you live in a region that get lots of dry and sunny weather, you can sow sunflower seeds directly in the ground in spring, as soon as the risk of frost has passed. #JERVISSUNFLOWERCHALLENGE
1. Plant the seed in your coconut coir pellet or a small plastic cup. (With a small hole in the bottom for drainage)
2. Plant your seed about 2cm below the surface of the soil and cover it over. Within a couple of days, the first two leaves of the sunflower seedling will appear.

3. Your seedling should be able to hold itself upright. If it becomes too tall and floppy, you might need to move it to a sunnier space.

4. When your sunflower reaches 30-45cm in height, check if it needs a bigger pot or if it needs to be planted into the ground.

5. Support the stem as it gets taller by tying it to a cane.

6. Keep watering regularly.