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Sensory Activities to Entertain Babies

25th Mar, 2020

Sensory Bags – There are countless variations of sensory bags and of them are effective. They enable babies to squeeze, feel, and pound without fear of anything breaking. All you need is a ziplock bag which you can fill with water or gel, you can add some food colouring to change the colour. Once you have added in the water or gel you can add anything from foam stickers, beads or even small figures. With a strip of painter’s tape, you can stick these bags to walls or windows and they can become useful tools in training your baby to                                                                       sit up on her own.

Sensory Bottles – Start with small, 10-ounce bottles and work your way up to a 500ml bottle. You can fill either size up with almost anything. Think not just in terms of the visual but the noises the contents make, too, as well as the weight. Each aspect heightens a different sense.




Baby Water Play – About as easy as it gets! Fill a baking tray with just enough water and toys to splash around and watch their face light up. All the while, they are moving objects around on their own and being totally comfortable with hanging out on their tummy.


Spider’s Web Discovery Basket – Weave a spool of string through a washing basket and you’ve got a vehicle for some deeply engrossing coordination practice and their first real agility test. It’s one thing trying to slip their hand through to reach a toy at the bottom of the basket, another altogether trying to manoeuvre the toy out. But, they’ll get it and they’ll get better with every attempt.