Jervis Shopping Centre, Abbey Street Upper, North City, Dublin, Ireland

Mingles Ice Cream is now open at Jervis!

13th Oct, 2020

We are so excited that Mingles Ice Cream is open at Jervis! They are passionate about Soft Serve Ice Cream and believe in quality and have travelled the globe to source the best ingredients for their ice cream and toppings. They have worked tirelessly to achieve what they truly believe is the ‘best ice cream ever’.

When you combine Mingles delicious soft serve with their array of toppings and sauces the flavour burst hits your taste buds on every bite.  They combine soft serve ice cream with your selection of topping and sauces in our Mingles machine to create a cup full of bliss…

If you don’t fancy a Mingle why not try their delicious cones, sundaes, classic 99 cones, milkshakes and slushies. They even have smaller sized cups and cones for the little ones.

Treat yourself to a Mingles at Jervis!