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How to: Ombré Metallic Nails with Superdrug

31st Mar, 2020

Whether you’re heading to a festival (in your back garden) or a glamorous night out (in the sitting room), this unique take on the aesthetic is sure to keep your nails looking fabulous until we can make it back to the nail salon.

Discover how to create stunning ombré metallic nails with Superdrug’s step-by-step guide:

What Will I Need to Achieve Ombré Metallic Nails?
  • White nail polish
  • 2 x metallic nail polish (you can use any nail polish if you don’t have metallic)
  • Makeup sponge
  • Clear tape
Step 1 – Apply a white base coat

Apply a coat of white nail polish – this will maximise the shine of your next chosen metallic hues. Go for two coats for a bold, streak-free finish.

Step 2 – Cover nail fold with tape

Using tape, cover any area near the nail bed that you would not want the nail polish to transfer to. We recommend using scotch tape here as it is easy to remove. Other methods include coating the skin with petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, to prevent staining.

Step 3 – Coat sponge with polish & apply
Take a makeup sponge and coat with your chosen metallic nail polish. Do this a strip of colour at a time and overlap slightly to create an ombré effect. For example, do a large stripe of metallic blue followed by a stripe of metallic purple. While the polish is still wet, pat the colour onto your chosen nail until the colour has transferred as desired.
Step 4 – Apply a clear, glossy top coat
Finish with a glossy, clear top coat to seal your look and prevent from chipping.