Jervis Shopping Centre, Abbey Street Upper, North City, Dublin, Ireland


Q. Can I walk into Jervis Shopping Centre and book a ticket to visit Santa?

A. No, all bookings must be booked in advance and online through


Q. Can I book a ticket to visit Santa by phone?

A. No, all bookings must be completed online through


Q. Why must I pre-book my Santa visit when I haven’t had to previously?

A. Under the Covid 19 safety protocol we need to minimise potential queues and gatherings where possible.


Q. Can I change my booking time after I have purchased my tickets online?

A. Once an order has been placed it cannot be cancelled or changed in any way including the number of tickets.


Q. Do I need to print out my Tickets before I arrive at the Grotto?

A. Tickets can be printed or displayed on a mobile device at check in.


Q. What if I arrive early to my Grotto booking?

A. If you arrive early, enjoy the time to shop in Jervis Shopping Centre. Please arrive exactly 5 minutes before your booking time as stated on your ticket.


Q. What if I arrive late to my Grotto booking

A. Unfortunately latecomers cannot be accommodated.


Q. How many people may visit the Grotto?

A. There is a maximum capacity limit of two adults and up to 4 children from one household permitted per grotto visit.


Q. When do I collect my Santa picture and how long do I have to wait for it?

A. Your Santa picture will be ready to collect after your Santa visit and there is no wait time to receive your picture.


Q. What if my booking is cancelled due to further Government Covid 19 restrictions?

A. Your booking will be fully refunded.


If you still have any questions relating to booking please contact