Steal Nicole Scherzinger’s Style

I love Nicole Scherzinger and that’s that! I don’t always agree with her costume choices but I have loved her as a performer and out-spoken women since I learned my first “Pussy Cat Dolls” Dance Routine. (“I don’t need a man” being a particular fav!) She is one of God’s great beauties who manages to maintain a strength of character while looking flawlessly beautiful.  She is a talented ambitious funny women who appears to set her sights and then get what she wants !! particularly when she bagged Lewis Hamilton, (what a hot couple!) She is every wannbe “sexy” girl’s go-to reference, but she manages (most of the time) to do sexy with a certain elegance. And THAT Hair should have its own agent ! Big bold and beautiful … just like her!

Steal her style here at Miss Selfridge in Jervis…..

Nicole Scherzinger