Steal Rita Ora’s Style at Jervis

Posted by - 26.07.2013

So with the last of the Irish summer still offering us the tiniest hope of sunshine, its your last chance to pillage the summer wardrobe ideas of our favorite summer divas. Starting off with Rita Ora. Steel her Style here at Jervis!

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Summer Fashion Blog

Posted by - 10.06.2013

Check out the second in our top three summer fashion blogs by Sinead Richardson's, click here for top tips on Fluorescent Fashion and Graphical Prints.....

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SHOPPING TIPS – how the pro’s do it!

Posted by - 14.12.2011

The great myth about shopping is that ALL women love it! This is for the most part, completely untrue! Yes there are the 5% of wealthy skinny bitches who can think of nothing better than hitting the shops for a nua guna deasa! But most women hate shopping for themselves.

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Posted by - 06.12.2011

GIFT GUIDE…BRILLIANT IDEAS ON “WHAT” GIFTS TO BUY AND FOR “WHO” It’s that time of year again…CHRISTMAS !!. Now, we love most things about the silly season but some of the Yule tide traditions, it’s safe to say, can cause more than a little headache!

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